Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ears? Check.

Part of the charm and characteristics of a Papillon is their ears.  They are to have the appearance of a butterfly when they are pricked up.

Unless you are a Phalene which means moth in French and then the ears are drop ears.

It always amazes me the difference in the ears between the boys and the girls.  Even given Cutter is a Phalene, the length of hair, thickness, shape are different between the sexes.

Let's start with Cutter since he truly looks different than the others in that his ears cannot prick up.  They can move around and certainly hear things no other dog or human can.  His ears have very little fringe, in fact this is only about 1/2" longer than when he first got here 2 years ago.  His ears are very thin if you are honored to be allowed to touch them.  He's still the puppy mill rescue dog and has a hard time with trust.

These ears go no higher.

Misty has much different ears.  Her's have long fair fringe that flows in the wind, gets food bits plastered in it, smacks me in the eyes if she gives me a hug and then tosses her head, and can sprout rats nest from scratching over night.  Her ears are long and the fringe grows thick from the back and edges.  

This is also the grumpy look from a fresh bath.
She carries off grump very well.

Then there is Scooter who has ears shaped like artichoke leaves.  They are also short, thick and stubby.  This ear fringe has been growing out for a year.

These ears are only good for looking cute.

The true winner in the ear department however goes to Pepper.  These ears are long and thick.  The fringe has grown out and will only appear to continue to grow.  Hair not quite as fine as Misty's, it tangles much less meaning she avoids many of the ear trimming sessions.  

These ears.  They hear all noises.

The Papillon Pack