Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ears? Check.

Part of the charm and characteristics of a Papillon is their ears.  They are to have the appearance of a butterfly when they are pricked up.

Unless you are a Phalene which means moth in French and then the ears are drop ears.

It always amazes me the difference in the ears between the boys and the girls.  Even given Cutter is a Phalene, the length of hair, thickness, shape are different between the sexes.

Let's start with Cutter since he truly looks different than the others in that his ears cannot prick up.  They can move around and certainly hear things no other dog or human can.  His ears have very little fringe, in fact this is only about 1/2" longer than when he first got here 2 years ago.  His ears are very thin if you are honored to be allowed to touch them.  He's still the puppy mill rescue dog and has a hard time with trust.

These ears go no higher.

Misty has much different ears.  Her's have long fair fringe that flows in the wind, gets food bits plastered in it, smacks me in the eyes if she gives me a hug and then tosses her head, and can sprout rats nest from scratching over night.  Her ears are long and the fringe grows thick from the back and edges.  

This is also the grumpy look from a fresh bath.
She carries off grump very well.

Then there is Scooter who has ears shaped like artichoke leaves.  They are also short, thick and stubby.  This ear fringe has been growing out for a year.

These ears are only good for looking cute.

The true winner in the ear department however goes to Pepper.  These ears are long and thick.  The fringe has grown out and will only appear to continue to grow.  Hair not quite as fine as Misty's, it tangles much less meaning she avoids many of the ear trimming sessions.  

These ears.  They hear all noises.

The Papillon Pack

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Air Plants Are Not a Good Support System.

My Mom has retired with her husband who has been a father long enough in my family for me to consider him a Dad.

After a catch up phone conversation where we discussed air plants and if I would like any, a resounding YES was my answer.  We discussed the next mailing the nomads would be at where I could send them what mail they needed for every thing in the world except bills attached to, well I suppose that mail shows up here as well.  Mom said she would send me air plants and did she ever.

They shape to the form of a mailbox crammed with junk mail.

As I yanked the box out with the mail and various slips of paper that won't make it past the recycle bin, the box grew just a little bit.  It was taped up fairly well, I might even think G-Dad helped out.  

This isn't your ordinary packaging material.

After releasing the pressure valve on the tape and air plant explosion, I am happy to say I can supply most of Seattle with a plant or two.  I've given them to friends that have stopped by, decorated the house and a bathroom by plunking a hunk in a bowl of potpourri.  

So far most of my friends have poked around at it and said they would take some but left them behind.  I only have so many wicker baskets in my house before cramming this stuff into it makes me look like I need to mow my own decorations.  

I am seriously thinking of making a wreath out of them though.  I will keep you posted as I hear my Mom is approaching Spanish moss territory soon.  Now that I can use in my garden.

Arriving with extra love on the handling.

So send those 1970's fridge magnet ideas my way.  

The Papillon Pack

Spring Cleaning.

We brought out the elbow grease over the weekend and dusted dog remnants from under the bed.  As you can see there is enough to make another dog if need be.

All the while this is going on in the front room from Pepper.

Full alert to any noise or movement to the front of the house.

Scooter was chillin' with his mice slippers (some how meese slippers seems more appropriate).

Want to see what the real face looks like attached to this vision of slipperness?

Cutter meanwhile is still in tune with every movement I make in the house.  He still has not settled in enough to just relax if I move around in the house.

Then you look around and see this one.  Misty outside while every other dog is still inside relaxing.  She loves her sunshine and solitude from the other dogs.

She does not however like her picture taken.

Takes a bit after me if you ask.  After all, it was just us two gals outside in the spring sunshine while everyone else was still hibernating.

The Papillon Pack

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lounging Around.

This is what we did after our friend from Arizona left.  It was that much fun.

As you can see the key entry of the house is under perfect control.  I wonder if the fact that Scooter's legs are crossed affects his bark.

Scooter worked security from the front room.

His back up security detail Pepper is taking up the slack.  They often work in pairs this way.

2nd in command of snooze reinforcement security.
The rear guard seems to be on the same detail of observation.  Misty seems to be up to the challenge of protecting the couch.

I'm a sleeper spy.
Cutter is the control center for the alarm system.  If he's still snockered then everyone can take a nap.

My middle name is Honeywell
We had great weather for the Pacific Northwest in October for our visitor.  The sun was out and the rain stayed away.  Still we needed a day of rest and did a good job of it.

The Papillon Pack

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bath Time.

We have an out of town visitor of the 2 legged version coming up this weekend.  This appears to call for the dreaded BATH we all hate.

You go from this.

My fluffy glory and bliss.
To this horrible look.  Not to mention the awful clean smell.  Bluch.

Do not give water to Grimlins after midnight.
Then there is this just in wet look.

I will never look at you again!
2 more to go tomorrow night.

The Papillon Pack

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dog Tired.

It's been a tough week getting used to the weather changing and getting dark so much earlier.  They all try and cram as much needy time in before full dark since their sleep clock kicks in.  But when they fall asleep they sleep hard.

Pepper keeping her nose warm.

But this looks kind of comfy as well.
Cutter and Scooter
Of course this is probably more how I sleep.

It's time like these that I envy the ability to just sack out in any position.

The Papillon Pack

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Picture Only Needs So Many Words.

Somehow this just captures the thought going through that teenage boys mind.

The Papillon Pack

I Will Kill You.

This is the death glare that spawns from annoyance.

Charming, no?

Why so mad?  Her brother stepped on her while she was sleeping.

I'm not sure how it happened since when I last saw him he was stuck in Rabbit's hole after eating too many SNACKS.

One hopes that they will work out their sibling spats.

The Papillon Pack

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Neighbors

Well the new neighbors in the rental house moved in.  On a Monday night around 10:30 pm.  A lovely taste of what is to come in the next year I am sure.  After being in this house close to 6 years now I have seen a turn on the residents about every 13 months.  Enough for a years lease and then they are out of here, which in almost all cases was a welcome occasion each and every time.  I'm sensing already this will be a long year before I see what the next roll of the dice brings.

I've had a single Mom with a teenage son who smoked on the font porch, and threw parties when Mom would go away for the weekend.  I've had a military gal and her boyfriend who when they first moved in I would have sworn she was a lesbian bartender and he was a gay college student.  Give me long enough and I'll make a great story out of anybodies lives I have no about.  I'm good at snap judgments like that.

The neighbors that just left had 3 dogs themselves so in the summer we walked around with squirt bottles to threaten the dogs with when they would start talking too loud.  Now the new neighbors have arrived and in only 8 days they have made quite an impression.  None so far has been the least bit charming.

I live on a Cul de sac so the houses at the top of the curve of the circle end up being close on the corners, but we win with bigger back yards.  The master bedroom of my house is maybe 30 feet from the rental houses front door and deck.  Thus the dogs and I can hear the door slam at each entry and exit if we happen to be sleeping (which at 6:30 in the morning this pack certainly still is)!  The diesel engine starting up and idling for a couple minutes this last week has been a treat of so much reward I want to just wrap up little bits of it and share it for the holidays.

As the household gets used to the new sounds, voices and timetables of the new neighbors it becomes a battle  to talk the dogs out of a full scale emergency bark 911 vocalization.  More a screaming match with me telling them to shut the hell up and them trying to get one last word in.  I wonder if the neighbors find us as annoying as we find them?  Who cares - it's my bog and I've lived here longer so I win!

Tuesday is garbage day for the neighborhood.  No matter how many times I promise myself that I will take it all out to the street Monday night.  It is always Tuesday morning running late for work I am dragging those things out to the curb.  The last 2 nights it has been stormy with hard rain and gusts of wind.  The wind blows my direction so I get most of the leaves and everyones spill over garbage.  A HUGE rant and pet peeve I have about my slovenly neighbors (except the nice lady across the street).  This morning in the pouring down rain I drag the garbage can out and see 3 Budweiser cans in my gutter from the Sunday football game gathering.  My initial instinct is to toss them as far back into their yard as I can, but notice there are 4 more cans in their driveway and the way they are headed is my way.  Inevitably they'd just end up back in my yard with me picking them up yet again.  With a mental fist shake to the offenders and a good strong verbal curse I tossed the cans into my recycler and vowed not to let it ruin my day.

After all if anything should be able to ruin my day it would be the weather and rain I will have to endure on the trek to work.